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Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs)
Construction TAG ~ Fact Sheet
The purpose of the Construction TAG Team is to develop and evaluate innovative and cost effective construction delivery techniques and materials used every day in our transportation system.
Design TAG ~ Fact Sheet
The purpose of the Design TAG is to develop and evaluate the implementation of cost effective and innovative technologies relating to project design that can be utilized by PennDOT and other stakeholders, resulting in a more efficient transportation network.
Environmental TAG
The purpose of the Environmental TAG is to present innovative ideas and leadership to enhance continued efforts to advance transportation project development within the Commonwealth, while addressing the documentation procedures which assure the adequate protection of our cultural, natural, and social resources. 
Intelligent Transportation System TAG ~ Fact Sheet
The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) TAG is focused on using innovative ITS technologies and techniques to move people and goods as efficiently and safely as possible. Through the collective knowledge of its members from public, private, and academic sectors, and the incorporation of best practices from around the world, the ITS TAG will seek to improve transportation operations in Pennsylvania while maximizing the return on investment.
Maintenance TAG
The purpose of the Maintenance TAG is to become more efficient and cost effective with dollars used towards the maintenance of the Turnpike and State and Local Highways. Seek and be open minded about new proven technologies 
Materials TAG
The purpose of the Materials TAG is to identify and promote ready to implement transportation materials-related technologies and processes for the consideration of the STIC 
Project Delivery TAG
The purpose of the Project Delivery TAG is to identify and champion new innovative delivery methods that are anticipated to increase efficiency between all agencies within the Commonwealth. The Project Delivery TAG works with many agencies, consulting groups, and individuals to identify methods that could be implemented within Pennsylvania to improve coordination between affected agencies, reduce costs and time associated with certain processes, and maximizes the available workforce.
Public Outreach TAG
The main objective of the Public Outreach TAG is to educate the public and out partners on the State Transportation Innovation Council's (STIC) progress through various forms of outreach. The Public Outreach TAG will communicate the innovative processes and proven technologies that are being endorsed by the Council to benefit the transportation industry in Pennsylvania. Additionally, the Public Outreach TAG will work to provide timely updates and information in the form of feature stories, newsletter articles, partner collaboration, and/or events for the commencement of large projects.
Safety TAG ~ Fact Sheet
The purpose of the Safety TAG is to bring innovative highway safety ideas, methods and technologies to the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC). To have a group of professionals (the TAG) assess these ideas, methods and technologies as to their applicability and benefit to Pennsylvania, make recommendation to the STIC concerning their deployment and report the status of deployment. 
Technology TAG
The purpose of the Technology TAG is to identify and champion the implementation or deployment of proven technologies, products or processes that are likely to yield significant economic or qualitative benefits to PennDOT and other stakeholders. The Technology TAG works with the Bureau of Planning and Research as well as others to identify new technologies.
How Can You Get Involved?

If you are interested in getting involved in the rapid implementation of successful ideas, please consider joining and becoming active on a TAG as there is an open membership to everyone.

Also, if you are aware of a successful innovation that has been used elsewhere, please consider submitting an Initiative Nomination Form. This form is what is vetted through TAGs before potentially being presented to the STIC. 

For more information, please contact Michael Bonini at (717)772-4664 or

In addition, please visit the STIC website at 

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