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Combining Preliminary Engineering and Final Design Phases for Minor Projects -Highway Design And Technology Next Generation Team (#23)

2013 APC/PennDOT Fall Seminar Presentations



Profit Factors - 11/21/2013
Mutual Gains Negotiation - 11/21/2013
Construction Inspection - 11/18/2013
Policy Changes - 11/18/2013
Brooks Act - 11/18/2013

2014 PennDOT/NECEPT Bituminous Technician Certification Program Course

2014 PennDOT/NECEPT Bituminous Technician Certification Program Course - Announcement

2014 Bituminous Plant Level 1 Packet 

2014 Bituminous Plant Level 2 Packet


PennDOT Rapid Bridge Replacement Program - Conflicts  

Memorandum from PennDOT  

Roundabout Brochures


Roundabout Brochures - Publications 578, 579, 580 - May 2013 Edition



Bulletin 15 Sources, Identifiable Steel Products and Identifiable Steel List:


Bureau Organizational Code Changes to be reflected in Strike-off Letter Numbering Format - January 25, 2013


PennDOT Highway Administration Modernization Initiatives

New feature to PennDOT' s Technical Training Calendar(

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Anyone with a PennDOT Internet Account (user ID and password) can create a Personal Profile. You may already have a PennDOT Internet Account if you have access to PennDOT software applications such as CEES, ECMS, ePermitting, JPA, UREDMS and many more.

To get started today, from the home page of the Technical Training Calendar, click the Personal Profile Sign In button located on the left. To answer any questions you may have, click on the Personal Profile FAQs link.

Technical Training and Development Section

PennDOT' s Highway Administration Deputate

Change #1 to the March 2011 edition of Publication 2, Project Office Manual (POM) is effective March 1, 2012. Attached is the Transmittal Letter and the List of Changes made to the POM in Change #1

Clarification of the requirements under the General Scope of Work – Safety Inspection of State and Local Bridges and General Scope of Work – Underwater Inspection of Bridges for State and Local Bridges.

This clarification is intended to provide for the consistent completion of this task statewide. Furthermore, this clarification addresses the development and implementation of a Plan of Action for critical deficiencies to ensure deficiencies are addressed in a timely manner.

These requirements are to be followed on all existing and future bridge inspection and underwater bridge inspection agreements.

The attached scopes of work will be attached to ECMS bridge inspection agreements.

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