2020-2021 Board of Directors & Officers

2020-2021 ACEC/PA Board of Directors & Officers

Executive Committee

President - Troy Holloway, P.E., PTOE, PTP - Century Engineering, Inc.

President-Elect - Eric Veydt, P.E. - Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Vice President, Roseline Bougher, - A.D. Marble & Co., Inc.

Treasurer - Michael Bougher, P.E., - Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

Secretary - Mark Markosky, P.E., - The Markosky Engineering Group, Inc. 

Immediate Past President & ACEC National Director - Eric Frary, P.E.,
- Michael Baker International


Executive Director - Leeann Sherman, MPS, CAE - ACEC/PA (Ex-Officio)

  At-Large Directors (Term 2019-2021)
Western - Bill Gross, HDR
Central - Rosanna Smithnosky, P.E. - Susquehan
na Civil, Inc.
Eastern - Jeff Guzy, P.E. - RK&K

  At-Large Directors (Term 2020-2022)
Western - Damon Rhodes, P.E. - Larson Design Group, Inc.
Central - Sandra Baseshore - Skelly & Loy, Inc.
Eastern - Michael Girman, P.E. - AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

Regional Chapter Directors (Term 2020-2021)
Eastern Chapter

Joseph Riley, P.E., Chapter President - WSP USA, Inc.
Casey Moore, P.E., Chapter Vice President - McMahon Associates, Inc.

Central Chapter

Paul McNamee, P.E., Chapter President - KCI Technologies, Inc.
Lonnie Young, Chapter Vice President - RETTEW

Western Chapter
Derek Rogers, Chapter President - RIG Consulting, Inc.
Ryan Gargan, P.E., Chapter Vice President - Lochner

Our ACEC/PA Past Presidents 


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