2018 ACEC/PA Annual Meeting
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Join us for the

2018 ACEC/PA Annual Meeting
June 11-13
Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina
Newport, RI

Located on Goat Island and surrounded by the Narragansett Bay, this full-service resort has everything you or your family need for some time away!   The 2018 annual meeting will offer three days of exceptional educational and networking opportunities for you and our industry partners and guests.

Take a look at the Annual Meeting Agenda.

Annual Meeting of the Membership-June 11, 2018

Getting There

  • Taxi service is available, but we recommend Uber, as the cost is significantly lower. 
  • Rental car service is available
  • Directions to the hotel


We would like to thank our sponsors! (as of 6-7-18)

Featured Conference Level Sponsorship

The Breakers Sponsorship

The Elms (Monday Welcome Reception Sponsorship)

Hunter House Conference Break Sponsorship

 Corporate Sponsorship



The Early Years

Goat Island, or Nante Sinuk, to the Narragansett Indians, the first known habitants of the island, was sold by Chief Sachem for $12.00. 

 Why Goat Island?

The island received its name in the mid-1600’s because early settlers in Newport used the island to graze their goats.

Fort History

In 1700 the first fort was erected on Goat Island and throughout history several different forts have inhabited the island.

Fort Anne                     1702-1738

Fort George                  1738-1774 & 1777-1779

Fort Liberty                   1776-1777 & 1779-1781

Fort Washington           1784-1798

Fort Wolcott                 1798-1827

Yo! Ho! A Pirates Life for Me

The largest group of pirates executed at one time in America is buried here on Goat Island.  But the pirates were buried at the mark between high tide and low tide to assure that their souls would never lay at rest.

Torpedo Station

In 1869 Goat Island became the Naval Torpedo Station and for about the next 70 years it was used for military purposes. 

  • 1871 the first torpedo was made at the torpedo station.
  • 1885 the station was asked to develop a systems of torpedo nets for defense.
  • 1886 the first American torpedo boat – the Stiletto was purchased from Goat Island.
  • 1915 the small torpedo station was turned into a factory and made 300 torpedoes a year.
  • 1918 the factory employed women and their production improved “6-to-1 over their male counterparts”
  • 1944 the factory employee numbers peaked at 13,000 in more than 100 buildings.  More than 5,500 torpedoes were made in one year.
  • 1960 the torpedo plant was phased out and declared surplus land.

The Past 40 years to Present

In 1964 the Newport Redevelopment Agency purchased Goat Island with money from local and federal funding.  Most of the Navy buildings were demolished and the Causeway Bridge was built to carry supplies and traffic to the island.

In the past 40 years Goat Island has become the success it is today.  It now inhabits apartment complexes, a marina, restaurants, and a prestigious Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina.

You can click here for a more detailed history

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