About PaCE PAC

The Pennsylvania Consulting Engineers PAC (PaCE PAC) is the Voice of the Engineering Industry in Harrisburg.

Through contributions from those in the Engineering Business, PaCE PAC works to ensure that the Pennsylvania General Assembly has an "ACEC/PA Majority.”

PaCE PAC contributes to candidates who support ACEC/PA issues without regard to party. A Candidate Questionnaire must be completed and returned prior to a request for monies.  Candidate Questionnaire & 2019 PaCE PAC Policy can be found via the link below in the State PaCE PAC documents section.

Pennsylvania state law prohibits corporate contributions to political committees.

You can print the PaCE PAC contribution form and sending your personal or PAC check to:


Attn: Leeann Sherman

c/o American Council of Engineering Companies of Pennsylvania

800 North Third Street, Suite 301

Harrisburg, PA 17102

To view PaCE State reports and documents, please click here.


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ACEC/PA 800 North Third Street Suite 301
Harrisburg, PA 17102
Phone 800-651-1946
fax 717-202-2581