2018 ACEC/PA Diamond Awards for Engineering Excellence Gala
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The ACEC/PA Diamond Awards for Engineering Excellence recognizes the many engineering professionals for their expertise and dedication to our profession. All those who have participated in the event have strengthened our infrastructure, enhanced public safety, raised the profile of the engineering profession, and offered sustainable, economical solutions for clients and taxpayers.

A Diamond Award for Engineering Excellence is a tribute to not only the winning project and its engineering firm, but also to the clients, owners, subconsultants, contractors - embodying the spirit of teamwork. 

Take a moment to view all of the submissions for the 2018 Diamond Awards for Engineering Excellence by clicking here.


2018 Diamond Awards for Engineering Excellence

4 p.m.   Photographs

5 p.m.   Cocktail Hour

6 p.m.  Gala                                         


Client of Distinction Award                               

Award of Merit                                                   

Invocation and Dinner                                       

Diamond Awards & Best Panel Award                           

Category A – Studies, Research and Consulting

Category B – Building/Technology Systems

Category C – Structural Systems

Category D – Surveying & Mapping Technology

Category E – Environmental

Category F – Waste and Stormwater

Category G – Water Resources                                                                          

Category H – Transportation

Category I – Special Projects

Category J – Small Projects

Category K – Energy

Best Panel Award

Grand Conceptor Award                                   

8 p.m.  Conclusion                                                                

Closing Remarks                                                 

Dessert Reception


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