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ACEC/PA Vision

ACEC/PA will be the go-to organization to promote and enhance the business interests and profitability of the consulting engineering industry in Pennsylvania.

ACEC/PA membership levels:

Full Membership -- for firms registered to practice engineering in Pennsylvania; includes membership in ACEC (national); dues determined according to a formula based on firm size. 

Associate/Affiliate Membership -- for firms in related professions, such as insurance, finance and accounting, suppliers, construction, and firms that provide legal, scientific and technology support; nonvoting, but may participate in all programs, sit on committees and receive all materials; dues: $1,500.


If you are interested in joining, please print and fill out the Membership Application, or complete the online form.

Explanation of ACEC/PA and ACEC 2017-2018 Membership Dues


Value of Membership

ACEC/PA Member Value Through ACEC Trusts Value Chart



Hot Issues
ACEC/PA advances those issues which are most important to the consulting engineering community and to promote your firm's success in a business-friendly environment. ACEC/PA is leading the charge for our industry in Pennsylvania and at the National Level.

Political Action Committees
ACEC/PA is politically active in our state and federal government systems. Our State and federal PACs allow ACEC/PA members the opportunity to support and keep candidates in office who support a pro-business legislative agenda. Our PAC is bipartisan and operates out in the open in full compliance with state and federal campaign finance laws.



Annual Meeting
ACEC/PA’s Annual Meeting provides networking and educational opportunities in all aspects of engineering firm business management. The Annual Meeting is held every Spring in a different location.

Chapter Meetings
Chapter meetings are held in the eastern, central and western Pennsylvania locations, where you will meet with industry leaders and other firm principals to discuss issues and develop lasting relationships.

Government Affairs Breakfasts
ACEC/PA Government Affairs Breakfast meetings are held monthly, except during December and the summer, to bring together principals of consulting engineering firms and legislative and governmental agency leaders. Discussions include legislative issues of importance to engineering firms.

PennDOT Conferences
ACEC/PA and PennDOT co-host a yearly conference for principals and/or project managers from consulting engineering firms and representatives from each PennDOT District and Central Office to further the partnership between engineers and the department.

Diamond Awards for Engineering Excellence Gala 
The ACEC/PA Diamond Awards for Engineering Excellence Gala is held in February/March to recognize the engineering achievements of Pennsylvania engineering firms. Project recognition is given to engineering firms and to their clients.

Educational Seminars
Throughout the year, ACEC/PA conducts educational seminars on business practice topics important to engineering firms. Nationally recognized speakers present information necessary for every engineering business.


ACEC/PA Member Discount Program 
ACEC/PA Member Discount Programs are designed to enhance your membership investment by helping to control your firm’s costs. ACEC/PA creates partnerships with reputable businesses that offer valuable services with quality and competitive prices. These programs can be used not only for business savings, but make an attractive employee retention program where individual employees benefit from Programs include shipping services, office supplies, large and small scale printing, car rentals, hotel services, telecommunication and technology services, and more.

In order for an engineering firm to take advantage of these excellent business opportunities they must be a member. 


Through ACEC National, ACEC/PA offers the following benefits to members:

ACEC Life/Health Insurance Trust
The ACEC Life/Health Insurance Trust oversees a program that provides life and health insurance coverage for participating ACEC member firms. The program offers flexible benefits designed by engineers for engineers. You’ll find the right plans for your whole firm in one place: health, dental, disability, life and more. With the program, you’re backed by the group purchasing power of more than 1,700 firms and 28,000 employees. The plan administrator is HealthPlan Services and the plan underwriter is Trustmark.  For more information, click here.

ACEC Business Insurance Trust
The ACEC Business Insurance Trust oversees a program that provides business and professional liability insurance coverage for participating ACEC member firms. The program brand is "The ProShop.” The ProShop offers policyholders tailored coverage along broad policy terms and conditions. Program coverage includes automobile liability and physical damage; workers’ compensation; and the "Spectrum” package policy affording protection for buildings, business personal property, money and securities, business liability, equipment breakdown, computers and media. Catastrophe liability protection is available through umbrella coverage. The plan underwriter is The Hartford, and the plan administrator is Marsh USA Inc. The Trust has authorized Marsh to make engineers’ professional liability coverage available to member firms. Neither ACEC nor the Trust endorses any one PLI provider. It is the objective of Marsh to offer a choice of providers for PLI coverage. The selection of underwriters may change from time to time.  For more information, click here

ACEC Retirement Trust
The ACEC Retirement Trust oversees a program that provides retirement plans for participating ACEC member firms. The program record keeper, Prudential Retirement, offers full service 401(k), Profit Sharing, Money Purchase, and Defined Benefit plans with discounted fee schedules to all member firms. Investment options are comprehensive and are reviewed regularly by an independent investment advisor retained by the Trust. A dedicated service team at Prudential ensures professional assistance with all aspects of administering the participating firms’ retirement plans. For more information, click here.

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ACEC/PA is a Member Organization of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)


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