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ACEC/PA Committees


2017-2018 Committee Chair Terms of Services  

Business/Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO) Roundtable

Monitors administration, insurance, personnel and financial management and financial practices of consulting engineers.


Monitors environmental issues and provides liaison with PA Departments of Environmental Protection and Conservation and Natural Resources.

Engineering Careers & Workforce Development

Coordinates programs to encourage engineering as a career and enhance development of the engineering workforce.


Monitors building and facility issues and provides liaison with the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.

Government Affairs

Monitors current legislative and regulatory initiatives affecting the business of engineering firms. Communicates positions and actions to the membership of ACEC/PA. Assists in guiding the government liaison and lobbying efforts of the Association. Helps to build strong relationships with state and local governmental agencies, which are critical to the success of member firms.


Develops membership promotion and retention programs.

Municipal Services

Conducts programs to communicate with local Pennsylvania city, county and municipal governments and authorities.

Public Relations

Develops external and internal communications and public relations programs that benefit the consulting engineering community.

Technology Committee 

Informs the Board and membership of the latest technology issues that are most important to our industry

Transportation Committee

Monitors transportation issues and provides liaison with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and other state and local transportation agencies.

Transportation Sub-Committees

ACEC/PennDOT Task Force

Conducts quarterly meetings with leadership of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Develops and maintains an open communication between the consulting community and PennDOT. Issues presented which cannot be resolved at subcommittee level will be brought to this group. New programs or changes that effect consultants are discussed prior to implementation.

Alternative Delivery

Works with Business Partners to address Public-Private Partnerships and design-build issues.


Meets regularly to assist PHL with improving the passenger experience while growing the airport, the ACEC Aviation Sub-Committee will facilitate a collaborative working relationship between PHL and ACEC/PA members. This relationship will strive to maximize the value added by the consulting community in conjunction with PHL, during the multibillion-dollar expansion effort at the Airport.  ACEC will act as a conduit for PHL to streamline communications to the consulting community, thus creating a transparent relationship where communication flows efficiently. 

We will maintain a spirit of teamwork and accomplishment based on principles of pride, honesty, trust, professionalism, open communication, integrity, and mutual respect.

Construction Services

Meets regularly with counterparts at PennDOT to discuss and resolve construction inspection issues.

Contract Administration

Meets regularly with PennDOT counterparts to discuss and resolve various contract issues.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

An opportunity to address issues facing Minority/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise firms.

Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA)

Meets regularly with our counterparts at the Delaware River Port Authority and ACEC/NJ to address various issues.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Meets quarterly with Pennsylvania Turnpike representatives to enhance and improve the business relationship. 

Quality Task Force

Meets regularly with PennDOT to address quality issues.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

Meets regularly with our counterparts at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority to address various transit issues.

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