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Clearance Transmittals

Clearance Transmittal: Step 2: Publication 408, Section 411; Superpave Mixture Design, Standard and RPS Construction of Plant-Mixed WMA Courses. (S-14-048)

Due Date: March 1, 2016



S-14-048(3) _Step_2_20160202_Comment_Form

S-14-048(4) C04-02_Redlined

S-14-048(5) C04-03_Redlined

S-14-048(6) Section 411 Black Completed Version-1

S-14-048(7) WMA Section 411 Garths proposal after step 1


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External: Publication 2, POM B.4.7, Contract Safety Compliance Guidelines and Responsibilities (S-15-033)

Due Date: February 29, 2016

S-15-033(1) Step_1_External_20160201_OS-329

S-15-033(2) Step_1_External_20160201_Comment_Form

S-15-033(3) POM B.4.7 Clean 

S-15-033(4) POM B.4.7 Redlined


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External: Bituminous Tack Coat Changes; Revise Pub 408, Section 460;  Revise Pub 37, Bulletin 25, Material Class AET and Add New Material Class NTT/CNTT (S-16-002)

Due Date: February 19, 2016

S-16-002(1) Step_1_External_OS-329


S-16-002(3) Pub37_Bulletin25_TackSpecs_Step1

S-16-002(4) Pub37_Bulletin25_TackSpecs_Step1redline

S-16-002(5) Pub408Sec460_CTStep1

S-16-002(6) Pub408Sec460_CTStep1redline


Clearance Transmittal: Step 2: Publication 408: New Section 548, Unbonded Concrete Overlay of Concrete-Surfaced Pavements and Publication 242: Chapter 10, Pavement Overlay Design (H-15-027)

Due Date: February 19, 2016

H-15-027(1) Step 2 CT OS-329 Form

H-15-027(2) COMBINED UBOL Step 1 CT Comment Form Sorted

H-15-027(3) Step 2 CT Comment Form

H-15-027(4) Pub 408 Section 548 CT 1 responses

H-15-027(5) 16_CHAPTER_10_Change_1


Clearance Transmittal:  Step 1 External: DM-1 AE Appendix: Stafford Act and Other Flood Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant Property Processes (H-16-002)

Due Date: February 16, 2016

H-16-002(1) Step 1 CT Form OS-329

H-16-002(2) Step 1 CT Comment Form

H-16-002(3) Attachment A Template of Alt Analysis Table 7 24 15

H-16-002(4) Attachment B FHWA Cover Letter Template

H-16-002(5) Attachment C NFIP Cover Letter Template 9-24-15

H-16-002(6) Attachment D Example of Municipality Support Letter

H-16-002(7) Attachment E RW321 Agreement of Clarification DRAFT 2015-07-15

H-16-002(8) Attachment F Template letter to PEMA 9-24-15



Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External: Pilot Project Special Provision for Bridge Decks
Section 704 (704.1(b), Table A), Section 1001. (B-15-008)

Due Date: February 3, 2016

B-15-008(1) Step 1 CT OS-329 Form

B-15-008(2) Provisions Clean Version

B-15-008(3) Provisions With Changes

B-15-008(4) Step 1 CT Comment Form


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External: Implementation of benefit / cost research on moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixtures and revision of ESAL range bumping rules for pavement design. (S-16-001)

Due Date: February 4, 2016


S-16-001(2) Full CHAPTER_2A-c5- with gravel agg add 12-22-15

S-16-001(3) Full CHAPTER_2B anti-strip 12-22-15


S-16-001(5) Pub 242 CHAPTER_5

S-16-001(6) Sect 311 modified

S-16-001(7) Sect 411 Modified


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External:  Publication 13M  Design Manual 2  Chapter 10.7.D.2 and Appendix C; Coordination with FEMA and Local Municipalities; Hydraulic Modeling Requirements for PennDOT H&H Reports (H-15-045)

Due Date: February 12, 2016

H-15-045(1) Clearance Transmittal Form

H-15-045(2) Step 1 CT Comment Form

H-15-045(3) CHAPTER 10 Appendix C

H-15-045(4) TOC

H-15-045(5) Chap10

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