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Clearance Transmittals

Clearance Transmittal:  Historic Bridge Buyers Manual Guidance (H-15-043)

Due Date: December 16, 2015

H-15-043(1) Step 1 CT Form OS-329

H-15-043(2)Historic Bridge Buyers Manual Guidance

H-15-043(3)Step 1 CT Comment Form


Clearance Transmittal: Amendment to the Section 106 Programmatic Agreement Among the Federal Highway Administration, the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Officer and PennDOT (H-15-047)

Due Date: December 22, 2015

H-15-047(1) Step 1 CT Form OS-329

H-15-047(2) Step 1 CT Comment Form

H-15-047(3) Section 106 PA Amendment 10-15-15

H-15-047(4) FHWA Original Section 106 PA  Mark-up 10-15-15

H-15-047(5) Clearance Transmittal Summary for Step 1 External_20151124


Clearance Transmittal:  Publication 408, Section 703 and POM B.7.13; Aggregate Verification Specification Change (S-15-013)

Due Date: December 17, 2015

S-15-013 (1)_Step 2 CT OS-329 Form

S-15-013(2) Step 2 CT Comment Form


S-15-013(4)Clearance Transmittal Summary_20151119

S-15-013(5)_POM B-7-13 step 2 CT

S-15-013(6)_Section 703 step 2 CT


Clearance Transmittal:  Publication 615 - Scheduling Manual Procedures for Design Schedules (H-15-046)

Due Date: December 10, 2015

H-15-046(1)_Step 1 CT Form OS-329

H-15-046(2)_ASTA Scheduling Manual

H-15-046(3)_Comment Form H-15-046


Clearance Transmittal:  Work Zone Traffic Control Certification Program (T-15-011) 

Due Date: December 4, 2015

T-15-011(1) Work Zone Traffic Control Certification Program

T-15-011(2)WZTC Manager Course - QA Evaluation

T-15-011(3)WZTC Manager Application

T-15-011(4)WZTC Deficiency Notification

T-15-011(5)WZTC Certification

T-15-011(6)WZTC Certification Program Policy

T-15-011(7)Strike-Off Letter Notes

T-15-011(8) Work Zone Traffic Control Certification Program


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External; Publication No. XXX: Chapter 102 and 105 Permit Quality Review Guidance (S-15-040)

Due Date: November 25, 2015

H-15-040(1) Step 1 CT Form OS-329

H-15-040(2)Draft Permit Quality Review Guidance-07-31-15

H-15-040(3) Step 1 CT Comment Form H-15-040



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