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Clearance Transmittals

Clearance Transmittal: Pub. 408, Section 409 - Superpave Mixture Design; Pub. 2, B.7.5 and B.7.22 - QC Requirements for Bituminous Plants and High RAP; Pub. 27 (Bulletin 27), Appendix H - Superpave Design Guidelines Using RAP & RAS (S-15-015)

Due Date: May 27, 2016

S-15-015(1) Step_2_External_20160429_OS-329

S-15-015(2) Step_2_External_20160429_Comment_Form

S-15-015(3) Bull_27_Appendix_H_Step_2_CT_Redline_Version

S-15-015(4) Step_1_External_PAPA_Comments

S-15-015(5) Minutes__Slides_of_Meeting_to_Resolve_PAPA_Comments

S-15-015(6) Pub_2_B07-05_Step_2_CT_Clean_Version

S-15-015(7) Pub_2_B07-05_Step_2_CT_Redline_Version (2)

S-15-015(8) Pub_2_B07-22_Step_2_CT_Clean_Version

S-15-015(9) Pub_2_B07-22_Step_2_CT_Redline_Version

S-15-015(10) Pub_408_Sect_409_Step_2_CT_Clean_Version

S-15-015(11) Pub_408_Sect_409_Step_2_CT_Redline_Version

S-15-015(12) Step_1_External_20151007_Comments__Followup


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External: Procurement Final Rule - Publication 93 and Publication 442. Various sections revised. (H-16-009)

Due Date: May 9, 2016

H-16-009 (1) Step 1 CT Form OS-329

H-16-009 (2) General Requirements

H-16-009 (3) Step 1 External CT Comment Form _20160425

H-16-009 (4) Title VI Assurances_2016

H-16-009 (5) FR  23CFR Part 172  SOL Draft

Clearance Transmittal:  Step 1 External: Solicitation Permit Form (T-16-005)

Due Date: May 18, 2016

T-16-005 (1) Solicitation Permit Form

T-16-005 (2) PATA 9xx

T-16-005 (3) Solicitation Permit for First Responders - Info for CT

T-16-005 (4) Solicitation Permit Form

T-16-005 (5) Solicitation Permit Form Comment Form


Clearance Transmittal: Step 2: Proposed Revision to Publication 408, Section 104, Scope of Work (H-15-021)

Due Date: April 29, 2016

H-15-021(1) Step 2_OS-329

H-15-021(2) Section104.09_RevApr2016_RedlineChangesToStep1Draft

H-15-021(3) Section104.09_RevApr2016_CleanCopy

H-15-021(4) Step 2_20160408_Comment_Form

H-15-021(5) Step 1 External_20150701_Comment Form


Clearance Transmittal: Step 2: Implementation of benefit / cost research on moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixtures, revision of ESAL range bumping rules for pavement design and incorporates CT S-14-048 CT2 revisions and comments. Revises Pub. 408-Sect. 411, 311, POM-Sect. C04-02, C04-03, Pub 242-Ch5, Bulletin 27-Chapters 2A & 2B. (S-16-001)

Due Date: April 28, 2016

S-16-001(1) Step_2_20160408_OS-329

S-16-001(2) C04-02_Redlined

S-16-001(3) C04-03_Redlined

S-16-001(4) Full CHAPTER_2A-c5- with gravel agg add 3-11-16

S-16-001(5) Full CHAPTER_2B anti-strip 3-11-16

S-16-001(6) Pub 242 CHAPTER_5

S-16-001(7) Sect 311 Modified with 2-14-048 added

S-16-001(8) Sect 411 Modified with 2-14-048 added

S-16-001(9) Step_2_20160408_Comment_Form

S-16-001(10) Step_1_External_20160204_Comment_Form

S-16-001(11) S-14-048_Step_2_20160202_Comment_Form Warm Mix


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External: Furnishing of Simple Fabricated Structural Steel for Repair of Bridges and Sign Structures. Section 1056, and New Sections 1057 and 1058 (B-16-003)

Due Date: April 27, 2016

B-16-003(1) Step_1_External_20160314_OS-329

B-16-003(2) Step_1_External_20160314_Comment_Form

B-16-003(3) 408 2011 Change Section 1058 section (2)

B-16-003(4) 408 2011 Change Section 1057 section (2)

B-16-003(5) 408 2011 Change Section 1056

B-16-003(6) 408 2011 Change Section 1056 section (2)


Clearance Transmittal: Step 2: Standard Special Provision for Revisions to Sections 701, 704, 724; Publication 2, (New POM); and Forms TR-7011 and TR-7012 (S-16-007)

Due Date: April 12, 2016



S-16-007(4)_724 for ASR CT Step 2

S-16-007(5)_704 - ASR SSP2 for Step 2 - redlined

S-16-007(6)_POM for ASR SSP2 - CT2

S-16-007(7)_701 change for ASR CT Step 2

S-16-007(8)_TR-7012 Example #2 (GGBFS)

S-16-007(9)_TR-7012 Example #1 (Fly Ash)

S-16-007(10)_TR-7011 Example #2 (Cement with Limestone and Inorganic Processing Addition)

S-16-007(11)_TR-7011 Example #1 (Cement with Limestone Addition)


Clearance Transmittal:  Step 2: Publication 2, POM B.4.7, Contract Safety Compliance Guidelines and Responsibilities (S-15-033)

Due Date: March 24, 2016



S-15-033(3)_POM B.4.7 Redlined with Step 1 Comments Addressed

S-15-033(4)_POM B.4.7 Clean with Step 1 Comments Addressed


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External: Standard Special Provision for Revisions to Sections 350 (Subbase) and 703 (Aggregates) (S-16-008)

Due Date: April 8, 2016



S-16-008(3)_Section 703 - Type S addition

S-16-008(4)_Revised Section 350.2(a) for Type S aggregate


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External: Subsurface Utility Occupancy Testing and Inspection Requirements (T-16-003)

Due Date: March 24, 2016

T-16-003(1) Subsurface Utility Occupancy Testing and Inspection Requirements

T-16-003(2) Subsurface Utility Occupancy Testing and Inspection Requirements Comment Form



T-16-003(5) PennDOT Publication 282 2004 version of compaction testing and inspection update with track changes

T-16-003(6) Utility Compaction Testing and Inspection Policy SOL


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External: Long Life Asphalt Pilot Special Provisions (S-16-006)

Due Date: March 30, 2016



S-16-006(3)_LLAP Asphalt Rich Base first draft

S-16-006(4)_LLAP Base first draft

S-16-006(5)_Long Life Asphalt Draft Instructions for Usage

S-16-006(6)_LLAP Wearing first draft

S-16-006(7)_LLAP Binder first draft


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External: Changes to Publication 351 - Bituminous Technician Certification Program Requirements (S-16-004)

Due Date: March 14, 2016

S-16-004(1) Step_1_External_20160222_OS-329

S-16-004(2) Step_1_External_20160222_Comment_Form

S-16-004(3) Summary of Changes to Publication 351

S-16-004(4) PUB_351_October_2000_Edition

S-16-004(5) Pub_351_2016_Edition_Draft_Redline_Version

S-16-004(6) Pub_351_2016_Edition_Draft_Clean_Version_for_CT


Clearance Transmittal: Step 1 External: Revisions to PTM 428 (S-16-003)

Due Date: March 17, 2016

S-16-003(1) Step_1_External_20160217_OS-329

S-16-003(2) Step_1_External_20160217_Comment_Form

S-16-003(3) PTM-428 v2016

S-16-003(4) PTM-428 v2013 Redline 2016

S-16-003(5) PTM-428 v2013


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